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Triumvirate (Deluxe Edition)

by Black Anvil

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What is life if not now When the question never answers The truth lies underground Let go no longer in my grasp Withdraw from life support Fornevermore! We tread among the skin And from within we penetrate our core True blood anointed in our quest From ninety nine degrees To subhuman depths Canine no nine disease Alone we wept From beyond the beyonds Eternal may you rest From cycles blackest suns Alone we wept… Alone we wept… Alone we wept… Alone we wept… Make way for the procession Stand back! Admittance through election Stand back! Fornever resurrection What is life if not now! What is life if not now!
Crippling 00:59
I grow where there is no soil Yet supplanted amenable in root In total disregard intransigent We adhere obfuscate We appeared from the gone And when you’re gone you’re forgotten A distant glare dissolving in shape And when you’re gone peace lay rotten We grow where there is no water Inviolable protected replete In total disregard we attach parasitic We adhere masticate disappear And you’re gone And when you’re gone you’re forgotten A rotting shell dissolving in faith And if I’m wrong you’re still forgotten We thirst where there is no water We prey when the slaughter is done Satiate in gluttony The evil of all roots And still they seek disarmingly He dangles at my feet For neither cross you bear No eulogy to speak And while they satisfy The rest have died discreet Why do we weep Entrust a past worth nothing in defeat For neither death or life No heaven without hell light
Behold this chalice Come forth partake my veins Beneath the malice I offer purity Imbued with arrogance These sands survive the rain Through deserts malcontent Atop this black domain Ignite hell flame I offer purity Hawk high and rising Mutinous staking claim Inspired lies thin veiled disguise Have been restrained Always despising This hornet’s nest awakes Send out the hive run for your life Ultimate reality Hawk high and rising Mutinous staking claim Inspired lies have been restrained Always despising This hornet’s nest awakes Send out the hive run for your lives Your body soon to be my vessel Through ocean bloody reign Ingest what’s left breathe fleeting breath I will sustain Capsize your eyes as death denies I will remain
We Own You 04:42
Condolences we offer none The time it takes to grieve Has long since come undone And as the hearse descended tragically In line for what was yet to come Most mourners lost belief But just when things appeared most bleak Their dreams were damaged mortally As voices never speak Invested beyond their reach You cannot fathom how The students learned to teach Only the truth buried and hidden Kept them thirsting for this life While the years kept sifting by Fuck father time! Their cup was full yet seeped the risen Bonding iron like inside The choice is yours We own you You have free will We own you You can decide We own you Your life your own We own you Only the truth has finally shown them From this burial new life As on this day death will arrive To hell I rise! And rise we achieve And rise legend be We own you
Scalping 04:39
And there are still disbelievers Those abyss in limbo In glorious waste Here lie the unworthy Stricken to fear What they cannot taste And there is still This mountain to climb Grip tight tread blood In hellacious storm Those unattended Must fend for themselves In darkness may you find your way We’ve escaped unscathed Embedded displaced And there are still souls to save Seeds to be planted bricks to be lain Though course and defined A testament ambivalent to pain We’ve escaped uscathed Embedded displaced Vehement in recompense In shame thee bathe We’ve set aside your past implied Burned black we reign To be reborn one must suffer life Through deaths acclaim Speak to me Your faith bequeath to memory Speak of me Your dreams beset to sleep Speak with me Triumvirate infinity Scream with me
Eliminate 01:32
Some things are better left to die No attachment pending When you free your mind Let the dirt cake Let it solidify Their funeral Our time
Engage deceit Witness discord in its final retreat A warning to heed Behind the flesh mask lurks The spectre at ease They bleed transparent In none we trust In all mislead You breed disgust As the lecherous need They bleed transparent Attach in selfish drain These chains to break Distance yourself from The tremors at quake No mourning they see Scatter like rats while The piper recedes They bleed transparent Attach in selfish drain They feed apparent In poison acclaim Not of us not one of us A leper by choice You’ve made silence a voice You reek of the flesh Burn the branding marks Across your head It’s easy to achieve A status of false hierarchy But when the grain Inside the glass drains You’ve become antiquity They bleed transparent Attach in selfish drain They bleed apparent In nominas name Severed no longer visibly A scab of memory Not even scarred
In the saber-toothed mass Where the goat cult runs long and black Behind the black rise Let us ride the winds of blood


NYC’s BLACK ANVIL let loose ‘Triumvirate’, the follow-up to 2009’s acclaimed ‘Time Insults the Mind’, on the unsuspecting world. ‘Triumvirate’s assault is powerful, primal, and pure; capturing and channeling the spirit of metal’s earliest trailblazers through a 21st century urban hostility. Insidious tracks such as ''Evil of All Roots'', ''Scalping'', and ''Dead and Left'' are as cold and hard as they are hypnotic. ‘Triumvirate’ unquestionably leaves BLACK ANVIL’s enduring, pitch-black mark on the metal world.


released September 28, 2010

Relapse Records


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Black Anvil New York, New York

New York Black Metal quartet BLACK ANVIL return with As Was, a staggering, complex, and thought-provoking work of modern black metal art!

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